Our Story 

The word Yard is piha in Finnish. What is really means is backyard – a green garden where you invite your friends and the ambience is warm and welcoming. A space where you can be yourself and have a great time.

This is what we wanted to create in the middle of our amazing city, in the heart of Helsinki.

In 2016 we found the perfect space in an iconic Helsinki building built in 1906. It is located on the only downtown bar street but inside has a quiet ambience due to the strong stone surface.

Like a secret garden in the middle of the city – it was perfect!

So we started building our dream hostel. As crazy, Finnish ladies we did not give up even though about one million obstacles fell in our way. And year 2017 – exhausted but overjoyed – we opened our doors to our first guests.

We have had so much fun hosting people from all around the world. We have learned a lot and and truly appreciate everyone who has chosen to stay with us – especially in the beginning when we were still figuring things out. Running a hostel is not a job – it’s a lifestyle. We have invited guests to our homes and gone out dining with them. Crazy, fun experiences and great new friends!

Now our hostel has found its place as a neighborly yard with a relaxed ambience. We are so proud of our team – they are happy and caring, always making sure you get the most out of your trip. We as a team will truly take care of you.

We are locals – we know everything.

So come and enjoy our hospitality. Our independent and local hostel is your gateway to the secrets of Helsinki.

Love, Matilda